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Jingjiang Yang
Personal profile
    Yang Jingjiang, doctor of engineering, associate researcher, master tutor, Jiangsu University research center of fluid mechanical engineering and technology Party branch secretary.
    At present, it is mainly engaged in the internal flow test and years to participate in the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, Jiangsu Province Natural Science Fund Project, the Provincial Water Resources Department project, the Provincial Department of Education projects. Published more than 20 academic papers. Won the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award two prize 1, China Machinery Industry Federation Science and Technology Award 2.
                                                                                         Research Direction
    Fluid machinery internal flow test and numerical simulation, axial pump and mixed flow pump hydraulic model design and development, pump CAD and mechanical seal flow field calculation, gas-liquid mixed pump research and development.
Contact information
Phone: 0511-88780390,
Mobile: 13952878690

Jianping Yuan

Personal proile

    Jianping Yuan, He is a member of China Democratic League, Doctor and a Researcher. He is the Dean of Jiangsu Fluid Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center Jiangsu University.

Contact information
Tel: 0511-82138730 

Personal profile
    She has long been engaged in the design and research of fluid machinery products, with the numerical simulation of flow field in centrifugal pump and modern testing technology being her current research directions. She presided over the National Natural Science Fund and the Jiangsu province natural science fund and has also participated in 6 research tasks such as the national "863" project, the National Natural Science Foundation, the research work of the national science and technology support program. She was honored with the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Scientific and Technological Progress of Colleges and Universities for two times, the second prize of Jiangsu Scientific and Technological Progress, the third prize of China machinery industry science and Technology Award for two times and China Coal Industry Association Science and Technology Award. Besides, she has published more than 18 papers, including 1 papers indexed by SCI, 10 EI retrieval articles, 2 authorized invention patents, 1 patents, and 1 published monographs.
Contact information
Phone: 0511-88780280,
Fax: 0511-88780280,
Mobile: 13776476981,

 Wei Li

Personal profile
    Wei Li, is a Doctor of engineering, associate researcher, doctoral tutor. He is currently the deputy Dean of the Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering Technology of Jiangsu University, deputy director of the National Pump and System Engineering Technology Research Center, deputy director of Fluid Engineering Equipment Technology Institute of e Industrial Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu Province. "Six talent peak" (B class) high-level talent selection and training object of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu University "young backbone teacher training project" young academic leaders. Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U) visiting scholar. Mainly engaged in the optimal design of the blade pump, flow field calculation and dynamic stability and other aspects of research work. Presided over and responsible for the National Natural Science Fund 2, key projects of key research and development program of Jiangsu Province, the National Postdoctoral Fund, more than 10 topics of Natural Science Fund of Jiangsu Province, more than 10 cross topics, has participated in more than 10 projects of research work such as the national "863" project, National Science and technology supporting plan and so on. Awarded Second prize of the national scientific and technological progress 1, Silver medal of China International Industry Fair 1, provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress first prize 4, second prize 6, China production and research cooperation innovation achievement award 1, achievements identified by scientific and technological 5. Published more than 40 papers, including SCI, EI more than 30 articles, participated in the ED 1, apply for international invention patent 1, more than 10 national invention patents, authorized by the national invention patent 6, utility model patents 13, the software copyright 6. He is currently Deputy Director of the Association of Irrigation and Drainage Machinery of China Agricultural Machinery Society, team leader of the Chinese oil and chemical industry innovation and the communication assessment expert of The National Natural Science Fund.
Contact information
Phone: 0511-88791510,
Fax: 0511-88780280,
Mobile: 13775554729,
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