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Department introduction
Department introduction
(1) Department of Research and Development is responsible for research, technology development and transfer, technical training, consultation and services, standardization, and so on.
(2) Engineering Technology Department is responsible for the "turn-key projects", including research, design, manufacture, package, construction, installation, etc., such as water conservancy projects, petrochemical device systems engineering, pumping station project, environmental protection engineering, landscape art engineering.
(3) Jiangsu University Quality and Technology Inspection Center for Fluid Machinery is responsible for external inspection tasks, industry supervisions and inspections, fixed-point detection before production permit, checkup of production conditions, etc.
(4) Laboratory is responsible for research test, production license tests, and tests commissioned by enterprises, etc.
(5) Office is responsible for daily administration, financial management, post-graduate management and industry related matters.
(6) The editorial Board is responsible for the direction of development, review, operating, advertising, etc. of the journal.
(7) The Institute of Biomedical Engineering is mainly engaged in research and application of artificial heart pump.
(8) The production base is responsible for the small-scale production of research products, and is simultaneously in charge of the research and development of special pumps of petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other fields.
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