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Professor B.P.M. Van Esch of Eindhoven University ...
  On October 17th, the appointment ceremony of Jiangsu University Guest Professor for B.P.M. Van Esch from Eindhoven Unive...
2017 1stAWG-IAHR Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and ... 2017-12-11
The annual review meeting of A National Key Research a... 2017-12-1
The National Key Research and Development Program of C... 2017-11-15
14th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery... 2017-11-13
AICFM14 were successfully launched 2017-11-12
Enrollment notice for 60th water pump design training class and 46th water pump test techn... 2017-9-1
The 14th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery (AICFM14) 2017-5-5
The 2nd International Conference on Cavitation and Multiphase Flow (2016ISCM) held success... 2016-11-2
The First International Youth Academic Salon of the National Research Center of Pumps(2016... 2016-6-12
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