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    Since inception, NRCP has established clear orientation of serving national economic construction, carrying out systematic engineering research and development of key and basic problems and continually providing the industry with new technology, new products and new technology to adapt to large-scale production.


Leadership Care

1 Premier Zhou Enlai met with Prof. Dai Guirui, the founder of the center (sixth from right)

2 Vice Premier Li Lanqing visited the research results of artificial heart pumps

3 He Guangyuan, Former Minister of Ministry of Machinery Industry, inspected the center

4 Zhu Kaixuan, Former Director of State Education Commission inspected the sprinkler irrigation hall

5 Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, investigated at National Research Center of Pumps of Jiangsu University

6 Xu Nanping, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, inspected the Center

7 Wang Xiaofang, Director of Division of Development and Planning of Ministry of Science and Technology, inspected the center

8 Li Daixin, Former Director of Ministry of Agriculture and Water of Ministry of Water Resources, inspected the laboratory

       9 Cao Weixing, Former Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, inspected the laboratory


(Updated December 6, 2019)


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