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The school leaders investigated related work of taking the lead in applying for the doctoral degree station of Energy and Power Engineering

In order to plan ahead for the application for this year's professional degree stations, on the afternoon of March 5, Yuan Shouqi, Party Secretary of Jiangsu University, President Yan Xiaohong, Vice President Quan Li, etc. went to Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology to investigate the progress in the declaration of the doctoral degree station in Energy and Power Engineering. The meeting was chaired by President Yan personally, and all the leaders of the fluid center, the dean and the subject secretary of the relevant colleges attended the meeting.

President Yan first emphasized the importance of the school's party committee and administration to the declaration of professional degree station, and listed the application of doctoral degree station for Energy and Power Engineering as the first breakthrough in the declaration of professional degree station for Doctor of Engineering. President Yan further emphasized the importance of the declaration work. He pointed out that this was a major breakthrough for Jiangsu University during the epidemic, and he made pertinent opinions and suggestions on the existing materials.

Finally, Secretary Yuan made a concluding speech. He said that the existing materials have not fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of the discipline. As the leader of the discipline, he should personally take charge, organize, and plan personally. We must pay close attention to complementation and improvement, and give a specific timetable for the improvement of the application materials.

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